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Essential Thai for Beginners

Learn how to create a delicate balance of flavours that makes Thai cooking unique – zesty flavours characterised by sweet, sour, salt and spice to produce delicious Thai dishes. Must haves dishes and recipes for any skilled home cooks.

Seafood Banquet

Learn a variety of cooking methods using fresh Australian seafood with recipes from both the north and south of Thailand as you create a tantalising multi-course meal with a sweet finish.

Mild & Tasty

Full flavoured selection of unforgettable dishes from crispy water chestnut parcels to a mild and creamy turmeric curry. Not too spicy but still very nice indeed.

Taste of the Orient

Discover the rich, aromatic and spicy flavours of traditional Thai oriental cuisine in this hands-on cooking class.

True Taste Vietnam

Learn to cook fresh and fragrant Vietnamese Pho! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of stunning Vietnamese Cuisine.

Classic Thai for Advance

Our most requested recipes all combined into one dynamic class. Classic Thai features our must learn dishes such as Pad Thai and Massaman Curry plus more.

Real Thai Cooking

The heart of Thai food is textural with vibrant flavours that keep you coming back for more. Did we mention Tamarind Son in Law Eggs and Red Velvet Thai Seafood Curry?

Siam Sensation

Take your taste buds on a trip as we explore “Siam” the original name for the Kingdom of Thailand. Sensation flavours of culinary past brought back to life.

Home Cooking Classics

Beloved day to day home style recipes, reflecting the simple nature in true Thai home cooking. Create tasty, nutritious, quick meals has never been so smooth.

Chill On The Grill

Chef Taya Meeikeaw Cooking Coach.

“Chill On the Grill” is organised by Code Blue For Autism.

Chill on the Grill is a peer mentor assisted cooking program for young adults 18–24 years with autism spectrum disorders. Chill on the Grill is a ten-week program, one 2.5 hour workshop per week for ten weeks.

​Supported by peer mentors our interactive cooking classes focus on simple, easy to make healthy recipes that can be replicated at home. Chill on the Grill is all about becoming independent in the kitchen.

For more information about Code Blue programs or contact Helen on (07) 3181 5667 or email


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