Chef Taya Meeikeaw at Taya Kitchen Culinary, Cooking School Brisbane

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Taya Kitchen Cooking Class Som Tum Green Papaya salad recipe

Som Tum is a classic Thai-Laotian salad made using crunchy green papaya tossed through a robust dressing. This unique salad is often served with BBQ Meats and a side of white sticky rice.  Found all over Bangkok on street corners and food markets.

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Image of Thai Chilli Paste Narm Prik Pow

Taya’s homemade recipe of Narm Prik Pow is crazy delicious, a must try recipe. The paste/ jam is used widely in countless stir fries, soups, sauces and marinades. This insanely delicious pasted is often enjoyed with rice, vegetables, grilled meats, seafood or even just with a humble fried egg.  

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Taya Kitchen Cooking Class Chicken Thai Chilli Jam & Cashew nut recipe

Without a doubt the most request stir fry recipe today. Watch Chef Taya’s recipe of  Chicken Thai Chilli Jam Cashew.Substitute chicken for your choice of proteins, vegetables and tofu! Make it the way you like it. Dinner or Lunch in a flash if just a click way! 

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Taya Kitchen Cooking Class Thai Iced Red Tea recipeRefreshingly delicious, Thai Red Tea can be enjoyed in so many ways. In this video I will be making a creamy sweet version over ice but it also perfect served warm with a Chinese doughnut and the later version will be with lime and sugar, the perfect accompaniment to any delicious meal. 

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One of Chef Taya’s most favourite quick meals, grilled salmon topped with an Asian style (OIL FREE, GLUTEN FREE) Coriander and Lemongrass Salsa Verde sauce.

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Drunken Noodles

One of the most popular and delicious street food noodle stir fry that you’ll ever taste in this life time!  Nope, you don’t need to be drunk to make this dish nor does it contain alcohol. 

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Southern style Thai Red Curry with Pork Spare Ribs is a classic home style non coconut milk curry that you won’t find at any restaurants in Australia. The good news is that now you can recreate this authentic recipe yourself at home

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Simple and delicious Tom Kha Gai – Thai style chicken and coconut soup with galangal.  Essentially a home style dish made to warm up your hearts and fill up them bellies. Serve as an enticing entree of as part of a banquet.

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Everyone loves Buffalo Wings, but sadly they aren’t made from the wings of a buffalo, it’s actually chicken.  This is my take on this tasty recipe with an Asian twist that will leave you licking the screen after the video…

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I love use “it up meals”! It allows you to feel mighty resourceful to revamp left over bits of meat and vegetables from your fridge into something delicious while helping the environment and saving your dollar$

This is one of my favourite go-to recipe for a quick meal using basic pantry seasonings and excess ingredients in your fridge. Try it at home tonight!  Watch Me Cook It! or Get the Recipe 

Rarely do I impress myself with my own cooking, but coming up with this recipe was one of the best days of my life. Out of hunger and the need to eat only tasty foods was how there this non-stop flavour town of a dish came about.  Rolled Rice Noodles and be purchased fresh from any Asian Grocer and is worth the trouble of visiting one for the unforgettable texture and flavour!

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