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Vietnamese Master Class

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Experience the diversity of Vietnamese regional cooking with our Vietnamese Master Class.

Kevin “Today I had my first cooking class with Taya … and it truly exceeded my expectations. Taya is an exceptional chef and an amazing teacher. The class was fun, informative and comfortable for everyone. I cannot wait to try these recipes at home. I’m looking forward to returning soon.”

Class Menu

  • Bánh Xèo- Crispy Turmeric Prawns & Pork Belly Crepe
  • Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
  • Grilled Beef Wrapped in Lemongrass with Green Mustard leaf and Peanuts
  • Dua Gai – Vietnamese Picked Vegetables Pho Ga
  • Phở Gà – Aromatic Chicken Rice Noodle Soup with Fresh Herbs

We can cater to different dietary requirements – please let us know on your booking form or email  If there are any issues with your requests we will contact you promptly.

Class Ingredients

  • Sauces– Anchovy sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, hoi sin sauce shrimp sauce, oyster sauce,
  • Spices – Cassia bark, star anise
  • Fresh spices – Chilli, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime leaf,  lemongrass, shallot
  • Herbs– Betel leaf, mint, rice paddy herb, elephant ear stalk, sawtooth coriander, shiso, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint
  • Vegetable and Fruit– Banana blossom, green mango, green papaya, morning glory
  • Meat and Seafood– Chicken, beef, pork belly, prawns
  • Dry Goods and Starch– Fresh rice noodles, fried shallot, rice paper, rice stick noodles

Class Dates For Vietnamese Master Class

Upcoming Months

Cost: $175 per person
Class Style: Premium Master Class
Our Premium Master Classes are design for your maximum enjoyment and fun. Spacious kitchen studio with only 12 guests at a time you will be working on a private bench with your cooking partner in this 4 hour cooking experience. All recipes are hands on, action packed and lively. You’ll be cooking with Chef Taya well loved recipes and quality local ingredients.  A personalised, friend and fun atmosphere!

Vietnamese Master Classes are a perfect solution for your Christmas Party, Birthday party, Anniversary, Hens Party, Bucks Party, Team Building Cooking, Work lunch and dinner or Corporate event.

On The Day

  • You will be cooking in pairs or with another person on a private bench.
  • Learn cooking tips, tricks, and techniques from an expert chef.
  • This is a 100% premium hands-on experience, recreating every dish.
  • Vietnamese Cooking Master Class lasts for approximately 4 hours.
  • There will be tastings, making your own entrée, sauces, curry paste, mains and stir fry.
  • Sit and eat together at the end with a complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink.
  • Eat to your hearts content and take your creations home for your family or friends to enjoy.
  • Personalised recipe booklet for you to take home.

What You'll Experience

Bring the incredible flavours of Vietnam to your home in this amazing class.



Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and exotic. Filled with herbs, spices and aromatics, Vietnamese cooking is a balance of senses.
While dishes like Banh Mi and Pho have taken hold of their culinary contributions, that’s just the beginning of this exquisite and complex country.



Shelly Halpin
Shelly Halpin
3. June, 2024.
What a fun, fabulous, professional experience! Thanks so much. We had great time and gained a lot of information. And, had a scrumptious feast. Thanks so much.
Elizabeth Foley
Elizabeth Foley
30. May, 2024.
Amazing experience doing a Thai cooking class with Taya last Saturday. I had been feeling a bit nervous about the class but Taya's sense of humour and 'no pressure' presentation meant I realloy enjoyed the class. She had trays of our ingredients pre-prepared and then educated us on each of the ingredients we were to use, some of which we needed to do some work with also. Her timing of the class as we worked through the morning, was impecable and meant we were able to enjoy eating our finished dishes in a leisurely manner at the end of the class. Hat's off to you Taya. Thank you for this wonderful experience and for being such an amazing teacher.
Angie Meares
Angie Meares
13. May, 2024.
Amazing. Taya was the perfect host. We will be back.
Caitlin Davies
Caitlin Davies
9. May, 2024.
I’ve been twice to Taya’s Kitchen and I’ve had a blast! Not only fun but now I’m excited and confident to go home and recreate the meals for my loved ones. Taya makes the class so inviting and she’s funny too! Will definitely be going back again!
Janet Gough
Janet Gough
25. April, 2024.
This is one of the best experiences I have had with cooking schools. I have now done two classes. The first was Vietnamese cooking school - and being that I had just returned from Vietnam, I was so impressed by the authenticity of the food. Taya is amazing and gives great tips and guides us through all the way. The 2nd class was Thai and I don't think any of us had eaten such amazing Massaman curry. I look forward to doing another class one day. Highly recommend it. We did it as a girls event - with 8 of us. So many laughs and so much fun. Thanks Taya.
Shaheena Siddique
Shaheena Siddique
15. April, 2024.
Husband and I had a great time at Taya’s master Thai cooking class, it was so well organised. Everyone’s dietary requirements were well catered for (we had halal). Taya was fun and engaging throughout the class. We got to sit together and eat the food we made which turned out so delicious. We learnt a lot and are looking forward to incorporating these great recipees into our daily life. We might look at coming back for a different class! Highly recommend.
emilie tixeront
emilie tixeront
15. April, 2024.
Most amazing experience ❤️ Thank you Taya
James P
James P
14. April, 2024.
My wife and I did Taya’s Thai Masterclass and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Taya thinks of EVERYTHING! Well planned, great portion sizes and lots of fun. Taya is so warm and welcoming. Can’t recommend this class more highly!!

Booking Conditions

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a booking you will need to email You must do this at least 7 days before your class to cancel or reschedule. We are sorry that we cannot refund or rebook any cancellations made online or in-person after this time.
  • In the event that you are unwell, we ask that you send someone in your place. The participants who are not unwell will still be expected to attend.
  • Lateness: please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the class. We cannot accommodate or refund those who arrive after the scheduled start time, even if you call ahead. The instructor will be expected to start on time and will not be able to repeat the health and safety and/or demonstrations at the beginning of the class.
  • Read more of our FAQs and booking terms before booking.