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About Chef Taya

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The Chef

Hello, I’m Taya, a food obsessed Chef with a weakness for cookbooks and curries. My mum might have even given birth to me in the kitchen as it’s where I feel most at home.

I grew up hustling and helping out in my family’s hospitality businesses as well as my own. If food is about sharing, then I took it further than just cooking you a meal. I meet you, have a chat and unleash your inner chef in the kitchen!

Taya Kitchen is a marinade of my three favourite ingredients; Asian cooking, authentic flavours and good people. I’m always one for quality over quantity. When designing the studio kitchen my priority was to facilitate exclusive class sizes of just 12 foodies at a time. A space where everyone can chat, get to know one another and feel at home. Your cooking will be delicious, well-seasoned and exciting!

Let’s Get Cooking!

The Food

Chef Taya cultivated her love and knowledge of Asian cuisines from her culinary training in Australia, Thailand and completing specialty courses around Asia.

Taya’s passion for eating and sharing authentic Asian recipes across a wide range of cuisines including Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, Dumplings and Japanese.

Taya’s versatility and unique offerings facilitate all foodies to explore new Asian flavours and ingredients to build confidence in the kitchen.

The Journey

Working closely with her mum Busara in the kitchen at My Thai Restaurant since 1992, as well as studying at a prominent Thai culinary college in Bangkok and completing specialty cookery courses around Asia, Taya honed her natural enthusiasm and cooking instincts to become a qualified, skilled and experienced chef.

After cooking her heart out in Thailand, Melbourne and now Brisbane, she opened up her very own mouth-watering venture My Thai Kitchen in 2010-2015. My Thai Kitchen offered healthy home-style takeaway meals, intimate hands on cooking classes and quality Thai groceries.

As her cooking classes grew in popularity, Taya’s new exciting venture Taya Kitchen Asian Culinary opened in 2016. She shares her passion for food in her popular weekly Asian cooking classes with adults and kids, after all, cooking up an exotic feast is an experience to share with others.