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Team Building

Cooking Classes For Corporate Brisbane Team Building

Suitable for all your colleagues

A true team building activity with your corporate friends and workmates that everyone will be excited about.  Taya Kitchen is the perfect air-conditioned venue, ready to host your next team building event. Suitable for wannabe chefs and those who possessed the non-cooking gene. Therefore our cooking classes are the perfect team building idea for your next work event. 

Fun team building

Most noteworthy we produce a fun team building environment and energetic space for everyone to get involved.  No matter the age, genders, cultures and fitness levels (we won’t be doing chin ups in the kitchen), each participant will contribute to the success of creating an amazing Asian feast with Chef / Owner Taya Meeikeaw. 

Your team will enjoy sharing a meal

Cooking in small groups, our meals will be served in a traditional manner; family style. No individual meals, everyone digs in and enjoys. Since we intentionally do not assign a leader in the groups, this alone encourages even more sharing, interacting, prioritising and juggling of timing, therefore reflecting the modern work environment.

Team fist bumping?

Almost definitely, people who cook together work together in a more collaborative manner.  You may smile more at work, have things to talk about and be open to each other’s ideas. As a result, work becomes much easier and more effective for each individual.

Hands-on action packed teamwork

Together your work team will transform into instant celebrity chefs (minus the swearing we hope!) Our class style is 100% hands-on, lively and interactive. Furthermore, everyone will be encouraged to get their hands dirty, cook unforgettable recipes and be guided by your Yoda in the kitchen; Chef Taya Meeikeaw (My Thai Restaurant est. 1992 & My Thai Kitchen/Heart Thai Food est.2010).

Your group will arrive as colleagues and leave as a fierce unit, having learnt how to work together, collaborate and have fun. Your team members may want to pursue a side gig chefing on the weekend, you never know, and if this occurs it’s not our fault.

Planning your Brisbane team building activity

Planning an awesome team building event can seem like a challenge, but these five steps below will help you to ensure that valuable colleagues enjoy not only a great time in our team building cookery classes but also benefit from insights that can be applied in the workplace.

5 Steps a Fantastic Team Building Activity

1. What do you want to Achieve?

The most crucial part of the event, what will your coworkers be taking away and build from the event.

2. Selecting a budget, location and suitable time.

Base this on the goals you want to achieve within your budget and choose an interactive activity.

3. Make it memorable.

Bring people together through fun and special experiences with everyone working towards the same outcome. Giving each person a chance to interact outside of a work environment.

4. Leave your job roles at the office.

Getting all your coworkers in an equal space is vital. Office roles don’t come into play during your team building activities allowing everyone to mingle freely.

5. Feedback is key.

Asking for feedback 2-3 weeks after the event is crucial information when planning for any future events. Team building is always a work in progress.

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